September 9th, 2020

Cupcake wink

Toad Weather

All this rain is bringing toads--some really big ones, too!! I didn't realize you could have so many toads living where we do but my guy said it's frogs that live near water while toads can thrive in this environment no problem. I have so much to learn *lol*. ^-^ I feel blessed to have them around and we've got some big turtles, too (or are they tortoises?? Again, these are the things I don't know) which is so cool because spring is all baby foxes (so cute argh) and then summer is all about the birds, butterflies and deer and then fall rolls around and the toads and turtle things start showing up. You see why we put up with the brutal extremes of hot and cold living here? It's so worth it to see stuff like this. We think it is, anyway! :)

*They're large photos so I put them behind a cut to save space ♥

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