September 6th, 2020

Beetlejuice Dehydrated


So we were just chilling in the garage and when I went out the back door to go back to the house for more tea, I saw TITUS CLIMBING THE BIG TREE. I just stared at him for a second and then yelled his name and he did that all-paws-out thing they do and gave me his 'I'm busted...' look... *sigh* So I put my cup down and go to get him--but he gave me the slip! He must've slinked down the back of the tree and into the woods while I was walking towards it. Fiiiine. I go inside to get the treats...and there is Titus sleeping peacefully in his bed!! (And all doors and windows were securely closed--I checked!)


Ever since the last time Titus escaped we've been joking that because he's been calmer/sweeter that he's not the real Titus... And now I'm pretty sure he's NOT!!


I seriously think some strange cat has been living with us for the past two weeks and the real Titus is still out there in total wild mode thinking he's a black panther now and playing his little war games. I'm telling you, they are identical.

I have no idea if the cat in our house is even our cat. o_O