September 2nd, 2020


Good morning...


Some days I wake up peppy and raring to is not one of those days!! Felt like I blinked and it was morning. We never got that rain last night but it might still be on the way 'cause look at these guys...

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September Photo Challenge 2/30 (Book)


I have this ancient Poe book that is very precious to me even though it's in terrible condition (who cares? I'd never sell it even if it were in good condition). It's probably the only thing in the house that is older than the house? It was given to me by my British uncle in my late teens and I've always cherished it. I always read (carefully) from it around Hallowe'en ♥

List is here. :)

*This is the photo for the challenge but I am including a photo of it closed as well because it has a unique look!

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Dream Time


Stormed like crazy today and knocked the power out for an hour in the evening (we unplugged the things and went grocery shopping *lol*) so I just stayed on top of things in the house and I'll do a big stick/branch pickup tomorrow (it's been so windy). It warmed right up to 25C, too, which was nice. Gonna soak up all this warmth before winter rolls in again (I do enjoy winter but it's a bit long, and extreme, where we live).

Wish I had more interesting things to write about but everything is still fairly locked down up here and we haven't even gone out for a sit-down meal since before Yule. :s I'm a patient person but even I'm starting to twitch now. This was our big year to explore this new area (last year was all about settling in) but then, nope! Nobody gets to do anything. :s We did see what looked to be a decent restaurant around here on one of our last drives, so maybe we'll try to book a table there for this weekend. I miss the little things like that. :)

Sleep well & sweet dreams ♥