September 1st, 2020

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September Blessings


Hooray for a new month and a fresh start! It's a beautiful 19C day, calling for thunderstorms overnight. Loving it.

I just went back in and finished cleaning the main floor and I'm feeling so good now. I'm going to have my tea for a bit here and then go do my stretches and hop in the shower.

Chose a new photo challenge for September, too! (Under the cut!)

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Simple Dinner


We love sandwiches! Sandwiches rule when you have all the good stuff to make them (I just can not eat a sandwich without lettuce? It feels...unfinished?) and my cramps are still wicked-bad so I wanted something quick and with minimal clean up. Bam! Turkey (and cheese!) sandwiches. I ate a whole tomato with my eggs this morning so all I had left in the crisper was a cucumber, which turned out to be a nice, refreshing side (I didn't think it would be filling, but that bun is huge! I am definitely full). Good enough. Actually I'll think I'll work some of it off right now with a long dog walk--can you believe it's dark at 8PM now? It happens so fast!

Calling for thunderstorms overnight tonight :> fingers crossed we get 'em! Alright off I go...
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Nighty Night


Just finished Shaun of the Dead--one of our mutual favourites ^-^ it's so good and so funny. It's always a bit bittersweet for me though because I so vividly remember watching it with Dez and laughing ourselves stupid (we were 18 & 19 when it came out and it was so fresh and's just a really good memory for me). Another 'Dez movie' for me is 1408. We'd both read it beforehand and really enjoyed what they did with it--especially Samuel L. Jackson's character ^-^ (he is amazing). He's been gone eight years now and I don't know how that's possible? really does fly.

I'm off to read one of my books now (I've got two on the go but it's okay because one is fiction and one isn't) and then hopefully fall asleep fast.

Hope you've all had a nice day and sweet dreams to us all now ♥