August 27th, 2020

Rise and shine by casey28

Good Morning ^-^

The sunrise was this incredibly soft, orange sherbet colour this morning and I tried hard to capture it but my camera refused to show the orange? Washed it right out. My sunset photos always come out great but I guess morning light is trickier.

Here are two photos I took yesterday instead:


(Under the cut)

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Serena smirk



spikesgirl58 I noticed this yesterday when I signed in and it made me laugh 'cause it does look a conversation we'd have *lol* (So sorry again about your disappointing news--not trying to make light of that ♥)
Cupcake wink

Rain Day


It's been cool (13C) and pouring since 8 this morning. :> Just scarfed a couple cheese buns and finished the day's laundry. Kitchen is re-cleaned (there were a few things left over from last night) and the pets look like this... Collapse )