August 23rd, 2020

Read books learning By magicrubbish

The Reading Room ^-^


I know it doesn't look like much...but you seriously could not step into this room at all or even see the beds four days ago! The panelling and, right? Ancient ;) but we'll be re-doing all of that over time. (The cracked and peeling wallpaper is under the cut, spiffikins *lol*!) But that's all details and it'll be a fun project when we get to it. And,'s the perfect room to read horror in. ;)

That window by the bed looks out onto the opening of the forest (where the lions are) and the other window looks out where we have that wall of pine trees that blocks out the far neighbour). Really peaceful. ^-^

A few more photos...

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Cupcake wink


We got up extra early to hit some yard sales first thing this morning--I found a dresser for the reading room!! How perfect is that?! TEN. DOLLARS. The wood is pine and I'm going to repaint it and change the knobs to make it ~my own~. ^-^

Putting this one under a cut 'cause it's large and just a dresser *Lol*.

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Blue lightning By magicrubbish

Ready to RUMBLE

We've been under a severe thunderstorm watch all day but I didn't get my hopes up because they usually don't happen when it's just a 'watch'. IT'S HERE. No rain yet, but for the last half hour there is a constant and intensely deep rolling thunder. WOW! Okay, it just kicked up another notch. :o I just walked the dogs and poor Sooki did not enjoy the sound or the lightning (she's hiding in Piggy's pen right now). I finished the book I was reading today and have three more horror novels on the nightstand (...the pink Rubbermaid. *LOL*) ready to go for this stormy night. :>

I can't believe my guy is going back to work tomorrow...! ;_; Even though it was because of an injury and not fun-fun, it's still always so great when we get those big chunks of time together ♥ so much great conversation and we watched a movie every night. So much FOOD! I made a big breakfast for us every single day, heh. I'll miss him so much tomorrow. :s

Speaking of big meals, I finally weighed myself--I've gained three pounds?! I thought my jeans felt a wee bit snug...! I haven't gone up or down a pound in a decade and then...2020. The year of WTF?! I'm going to blame the can't possibly be the pound of butter I consume MYSELF in a week on my nightly popcorn. ;)

We finished Annabelle: Creation the other night...we give it 4/10. -_- No character development at all! Didn't care about anyone when stuff started happening. Typical jump-scares... The coolest part was the last two minutes, and that wasn't enough to save it.

(WOW here comes the rain... o_O)

*I was wrong before when I mentioned the Annabelle movie! Just realized my mistake. It's the 'creation' one, for sure!

Alright time to go clean that kitchen (we had steaks for dinner! Mmm) and then hunker down for the night!