August 21st, 2020

Witch and kitty

Happy Freya's Day!! ^-^

Friday already! Woo! I know some of you have awesome plans this weekend and I wish you safe travels and loads of fun!! ^-^

Yesterday was a really great day: I stuck to my list and added a bunch of extra things (got half my summer wardrobe squared away!!) once I realized I was ahead of the game (it's been a good week!) and made huge progress in the reading room--I found SO many things unpacking more boxes :o things I'd forgotten I'd had. Brand-new things, still in original bags!! So much jewellery--and I left it all on the dining table so I can take a photo for you guys later! ^-^

I haven't been posting much but it's only because I'm hyper-focused on getting stuff done around here (and I also have a personal rule about not posting again until I've got my comments down to 15 or less) and just taking good care of all of us (including myself). I just feel really content. Life is good and it's even better when I keep myself busy and don't have time to focus on the negatives.

So cute: this morning while I was walking Sooki, I noticed the grass moving oddly in front of me. At first I thought it was a cricket but then something told me to look closer... IT WAS A TOAD SO TINY IT COULD SIT ON A DIME COMFORTABLY. :o My heart exploded!! His little hoppity-hops...! ;_;

So cute #2: Yesterday we took a drive to grab milk and saw a deer across a cornfield--with her two sweet little babies. *more tears* We made sure to stop so everyone stopped and four vehicles of people sat and smiled as we all watched them cross them road...into the cornfield!! Good eats. ;)

Alright, a quick tea here then I'm back to the things! ^-^

Hope you're all having a great start to the weekend :)

*Update 11:15

Just unpacked another huge box!! Almost ready to bring the vacuum in. :> Took those photos so now I can put all that away, too *lol*. Time for eggs now (I had cereal first thing)!

Witch and kitty

Wild and Free...


I don't panic anymore when he escapes 'cause he just hangs around the house! And he came when I called him...?? Amazing. (He doesn't always listen so well!) He's been sleeping in a pile with the dogs since his latest escape (the weather is nice now, just 24C today and cooler in the house) but I'm going to wake him up soon to come check out our new reading room!! Yes, I finished that today and the bed is all freshly made and I'm so looking forward to sinking into it and doing some reading this evening.

I never mentioned to my guy that I was doing that this week (I insisted he rest a lot on the couch which was NOT easy 'cause he's a big 'doer' normally and the moment he starts to feel better he wants to go full-swing on everything again and it's like NO plz don't..keep healing!!) so when he walked in there today he was pretty blown away (last week you couldn't even walk into the room--boxes stacked four feet high everywhere) which made me feel GREAT. There are still a few boxes in there, but they've been unpacked, sorted, pared down, repacked and arranged nicely on the left side of the room. The right side has the window and the bed is beside it and that whole side is clean and spacious now. Until we get more bookshelves, this is good enough. :)

We started a movie last night (12 Monkeys...omg. I forgot how good this was) but felt too tired to return to it after intermission so we'll finish that tonight and maybe start another one (...and not finish that one *lol* We're stuck in a loop like this right now).

Alright time for a shower and then some reading upstairs. ^-^