August 18th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Tea, tree, book...


Trying so hard to chill today...sitting under the trees helped. Started on some of the huge piles of books I got from the flea market the past two years, finally. I think I've read every damn CreepyPasta there is now... Got totally addicted to them (and editing them, to stay sharp) but now I've read everything over a 6/10 rating and I'm finally done. Time to get back to real, properly-published books. ...Except I started with Dean Koontz *LOL* (a very poor man's Stephen King) but, whatever, I got these for a buck each and it's still good for my brain.

Over the past two nights we watched From Hell (so complex for a horror movie! We both enjoyed it) and we re-watched Hereditary, because I love Toni Collette SO much and thought maybe I should give the movie a second chance because I really hated it the first time... It was better this time around. I didn't expect to feel like that! I think I was just determined not to like it the first time? It had a lot of hype...and I don't respond well to that for some reason *lol*.

Off to finish cleaning the kitchen (simple dinner, pasta! Again!) and then I'm going to watch something on my own since my guy is trying to get some rest tonight (he's got a back injury but he will be okay, just needs to heal). It's been an exhausting few weeks but I'm grateful for the good things (and there are many).