July 4th, 2020

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With the rising sun comes another chance...


I'm going to miss watering the garden as part of my morning routine/rituals very much when summer is over! It's so peaceful and calming...and I caught myself talking to the plants this morning, heh. The birds are very vocal at that hour (6-7AM) and the metal wind chimes were tinkling away and it was just so perfect that I almost happy-cried at the simple beauty of it all.

Anyone see the huge, almost-full moon last night? Before midnight it hangs perfectly centered over the adjacent cornfield so I can stand on the front lawn and just soak it in without having to leave my 'safety bubble' of the house *Lol*. (Coyotes...other wild things...aliens...things we don't even know about...! I stick close to the house after dark.)

A few more photos from this morning under the cut :)

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Cupcake wink

Trying to stay up like a little kid...

I sooo want to stay up late enough to see the eclipse in full swing but that's highly unlikely since I get up at 6 every day. -_- I spent so much of my life a night owl...it's weird not to have the energy for this (I got a lot of outdoor exercise today so I'm really wiped). But I'm doing a lot of moon gazing from the front yard tonight, and it's incredible out there even right now.

*I literally just went and looked again! It's huuuuge and a pale yellow and it looks like it's sitting on top of wispy, dark grey clouds. Faint rainbow ring around it. Gorgeous. o_O

We're in another heatwave but our old farmhouse doesn't even get hot :) (thank you, giant trees <3) and we've got just two fans going and it's great in there.

We had to run to Walmart tonight for some staples and I used a gift card from my birthday to buy myself a new football (sorry, Dave--I mean the brown one with laces *lol*) and a NEON yellow softball to play catch with in the evenings. I love summer. ^-^

I am very much looking forward to one day going to a fair again...it never quite feels like summer until he's won me some giant hot pink monkey wearing sunglasses. ;) I have such fond childhood memories of them, too... Especially the haunted houses--you know I was ALL over those. Hehe. Good times.

With this crazy heat I have been braiding my hair...look how long it is now! ^-^

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