June 22nd, 2020

Cupcake wink

Another Day, Another Heat Warning

It's been so hot here that the only logical thing to do is flip my routine back to the 'night shift'. Did housework until about midnight and then crashed around 2 in the morning...but then I got up at 5 and walked the dogs in gloriously cool 20C weather. Made my guy's lunch and am just having a quick coffee here before I go and water the garden. *shrugs* I can live with this! I'm obviously going to need a siesta at some point today, and I've accepted that. *lol*

Watched a lovely (female) cardinal splash around in the birdbath this morning (I am filling that thing three times a day lately) so that made me smile. :)

And here is a funny truth I saw this morning...



Hope you're all having a great start to the day! ^-^