June 19th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Last Night's Sunset


It was sooo soft and pretty. I had Sooki with me and she was extremely delighted to be on the road *LOL*. (Just something/somewhere new to her. NEW SMELLZ!! Ohh the sniffing.) And I guess I should explain that--our property is in angled (plus our trees! Which ain't going anywhere, ever) in such a way that you don't really get views of the sunset or the sunrise but if I walk out to the road sometimes I can get a sweet shot.

Slept great! Feel great. Super excited to get my hair done tomorrow!! My hair guy is a true ~artiste~ and I always feel totally rejuvenated after leaving that place. Already mentally preparing myself to see my hair super flat-ironed sleek *Lol* (they just always do it that way) but I always fluff it up a bit with my hands as soon as I walk out. ^-^

Okay. One more coffee here then back to the things.

Hope you're having a great day!