June 11th, 2020

Witch and kitty

It got a lot easier once I started believing/living this...


Kudos to everyone who is still trying despite all the setbacks and moments of weakness. It takes months and months to build a habit but once you're 'there', it gets easier. Keep going. We only fail when we stop trying. I believe in you! (I've had about 400 "failures" since trying this new way back in December--that's how long it takes... And I'm still struggling at times--but not quitting.)

*I even schedule a "free hour" to be taken anytime I want, and sometimes I use it to cry/have a breakdown--but then I take a shower, put on clean clothes and go back to my list. It's okay to feel the emotions--it's good. But keep going, after that...

*hugs for all*
Witch Woman

It...fits. *LOL*!

...It totally shrank enough in the wash and I don't even need to alter it now! Still glad I read all those articles, though, and I AM going still going try altering an old sleep t-shirt just to practice for the future. :D


I really like how the design is printed almost at the midpoint--not on top of your breasts (stretches out the design + everyone stares there... This is better)!

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Witch and kitty

Dinner Prep!!


Feels like a fettuccini chicken Alfredo night, doesn't? Stormy, not too hot... I love it. I went ahead and made the chicken now so it'll be a super quick dinner for us later!

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