June 7th, 2020

GIR Dance

Club Night

~ Magical Dancing Juice ~

Club night was such a great time!! It had all the pros (space, safety, a clean bathroom) and none of the cons (creeps trying to grab/grope me, possibility of drugged drinks, cost, crappy music) of actually going out. I made a playlist of 32 songs and it was pretty good if I do say so myself (look look I'm a DJ like Paris Hilton now... *LOL*) AND I even did stretching first (he enjoyed that, too *lol*) so I'm not even sore from dancing today, heh.

Here's the playlist, if you're interested!

The club under cut!

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We went to the chip stand (so good! It's called the SnackShack and it looks ramshackle AF but it's open year-round and it's SO GOOD! Real food, real curds, no frozen crap etc. YUM) and we of course weren't going to eat in the blazing sun of their boring parking lot... So we crashed a nearby golf course! *LOL*!


Isn't it just a lovely spot? Damn golf courses and cemeteries always have the best land!!

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Lunch of Champions



(I DID have eggs and toast before this, so it's not like I'm just subsisting on sugar alone heh.)

Also want to send out some thank-you's for these lovely cards of support and kindness we've received since losing our beloved Leela *big hugs* Thank you so much (you know who you are).

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