June 5th, 2020

Black cat scream

It's not a perfect system...


Sometimes the lil' bastard gate wins, sometimes Titus wins. ;) (Yes that is a toothpaste box on the floor *Lol* I let him play with that stuff before it gets recycled.)

And these two are at it again...!

(Disclaimer: Extreme cuteness ahead. Please proceed with caution if you have a history of heart conditions or are prone to fainting spells...)

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Homer the simpsons Fade Away


I have an update to the Sooki vs. The Robins post...

Robins, like crows and ravens (and surely other birds--I'm not an expert) REMEMBER FACES/DOGS.


The trees instantly explode with hostile tweets every single time I take Sooki out now--but not Piggy! So, yeah. They know...they remember. o_O (How creepy is that?!)

Last night (still light out) poor Soo was trying to poop and one robin kept scream-tweeting and I kid you not--dive bombing her. It kept getting closer and closer and I so worried it was gonna peck at her (it frigging knew she busy and couldn't move...it wants revenge).

Just thought I'd share!
Witch and kitty

Full Moon

It's a full moon tonight, a gorgeous night... But it's hard to enjoy the little things right now, isn't it? The news has just been so especially bad for so many months now, and I'm doing my best like everyone else but then today I read about the disgusting and vile murdering of an elephant and I just f-ing lost it. Just so much ugliness in the world. As much as I miss certain loved ones...part of me is glad they aren't here to see where we're at in 2020. I will always do my best to put love and kindness out into the world and I know this post is a downer but I just needed to vent that out.

Going inside for movie time (another one we've both never seen been before) and some good comfort foods now. Let's all hug each other and our animals extra tight tonight.

Tomorrow will be a better day.