May 30th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Good Morning! :)


Ain't she a beaut? This bush is right by the back deck and it exploded in these tiny white flowers recently (all this heat and rain) and I just can't stop looking at it. ^-^

Woke up at 6:15 to a beautifully cool morning and fired off a 'Happy Birthday' text to my brother (43 today! My guy will be 43 in November...everyone please stop aging and dragging me down with you?!) so that's all good. (If you think I'm a healthy eater/health-minded person--I am NOT, next to him. He's probably hanging upside down doing chin-ups in his home gym right now...! So, I made sure to include "EAT CAKE!" in my message. ^-^)

What else...oh! We got one hour into our movie last night, but by 12:22 my eyes were just automatically closing on their own and then someone started screeching in the movie and I just looked at him like UGH and he shut it off and ushered me off to bed. Will definitely finish that one today...we are enjoying it...but it's one of those too-realistic horrors, like Funny Games. -_- Sickening...but still well done. (Will tell you what it is when we finish it.)

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Witch and kitty

Oh here we go...! THUNDER!

Having a really intense thunderstorm right now--and my guy had just finished cutting all the grass! Bonus. Now we're in the garage with coffee/tea for a well-deserved break (I work inside while he works outside--we love this arrangement) and okay holy WOW it's really coming down now!! o_O (...Hoping it continues all night for movie time, heh.)

Much cooler here now, by the way. Hovering around 20C which is normal for this time of year...and just so perfect. I love it. Opened all the windows and had that cross-breeze going all day...bliss.

Mail woes: It took fourteen days (actual business days) for a card to reach my friend who is only in Colorado--it normally always took 3-4 days, tops. Just something to keep in mind! I will date all my cards inside from now on, just for reference. :)

As a weekend treat we went to the bakery this morning...



Could NOT resist getting the Haystack Brownies again (they're full of shredded coconut!!) YUM and we also grabbed two (huge--the photo is deceiving) sandwiches for lunch! They were delicious. Roast beef, swiss cheese, lettuce, mustard, mayo and horseradish on mine and the BBQ'd chicken (lettuce, swiss, BBQ sauce) for him. Mmm.

Took beef out last night and am planning on making my signature meatballs tonight! (Many recipes + actual Sicilian grandmotherly wisdom, all cobbled together.) How about you?
Witch and kitty

George Floyd


I'm sorry I've been silent on this since now. I just... How is this the world?

I support every person who is out the streets right now protesting and making their voices heard--making their voices impossible to ignore.

I can only hope that the scumbag murderers involved get every single thing coming to them...and then just a touch more.

His name was George Floyd, and he was beautiful. He was a father, a friend, he had family. You are is his family. He is you. He is me. If we don't stand up against this evil then don't be surprised to find yourself standing alone when they find a reason to take you next.

Sending love out into the world... <3
Witch and kitty

The Hunters (2011)


The Hunters was surprisingly good. I didn't think I'd like it but the second half totally won me over. A bit tough to watch, as is always the case when the monster is man.

This one was $2 and 'previously viewed'--we stalked every movie rental place and corner store when they all went under and bought up everything we could (I miss the movie-rental experience so very much) for next to nothing.

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