May 26th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Beautiful Day


*LOL*! I slept for at least a solid seven, and I feel like a billion bucks today! (I updated the expression for inflation.) I'm already showered (and covered in sunblock) and almost done all my morning chores. NEED to do my workout soon--my body (not me...the muscles/cells themselves) crave it now. I used to roll my eyes SO HARD at the "natural high" people...but hot damn they were (are) onto something!!

It's a warm, gorgeous morning (25C right now) and I'm just filling out a card for a friend here (smokie_mouw dahling I've got treeeats for youuu!) and then I'll zip over to town and mail that off! (...And maybe I stop at the bakery. Time will tell!!)

Hope you're all having a great Tyr's Day, so far!

Witch and kitty

Pizza Love

Found the best pizza around here a few weeks ago! ^-^


WITH BEER-BATTERED FRIES!! :o (We both hate beer--but the fries don't actually taste like beer! It just makes them fatter and crispier, somehow? YUM.)

More under the thing

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Witch and kitty

Tried the new ones!


Painted my nails on the back deck and they dried almost instantly! Awesome. ^-^ One bonus of it being 33C (39C with the humidity).

The purple is very dark--but don't you think it's just the perfect, witchy, October-y purple ever?? I do love it but I will save it for autumn after this trial run. :)

Toes under cut

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