May 4th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Sunday Highlights

- Only had to do light upkeep since Saturday's massive cleaning spree. ^-^

- We hit 20C and spent almost the whole day outside, which was glorious!

- Bob Ross' head has not yet sprouted--but it's about to, I think. :>

- Two words: afternoon delight. Heh. Heh.

- Made my ~signature~ meatballs--the best parts of five different recipes all hobbled together, heh. And I can make them without my cookbook, now! Yay. The whole process of cooking (getting your hands right IN the meat!) is so calming to me right now--even the clean-up part. :) I watched the clock and it takes me about 25 mins to get the kitchen all done and squared away again (and it stops me from sitting down right after I eat!) and then it's time for our post-dinner walk.

- Took a BUNCH of photos on that walk. :D (Will share soon!)

- Finished season 1 of The L World (without going over my four hours of daily screen time!! Totally sticking to that) and it was GOOD. The way it "ended" between Kit and Ivan, though? How depressing. -_- I'm a few episodes into season 2 now and it's already going totally bonkers...! Sandra Bernhard as Jenny's writing teacher, though?! UM, her advice made ME a better writer, too. I love stone-cold Queens like that. (Harsh but fair!)

Today's vibe:


Hope you have a great day! :)