May 2nd, 2020

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Sweet Saturday Update


On the other side of this water...America! Yup, we could canoe over to you guys! ...We won't! But we could. *LOL*

We're slowing finding all the cool water spots around here! Did a little exploring last night after dinner and found a cute "new" (sooo old!) little town about 20 mins away. I'm so excited for the world to reopen so we can go back and really explore--on foot! I've already seen so many things I want to photograph there just driving through (old churches, a spooky cemetery, general nature scenes etc.) and I also saw several ice cream stands that will (hopefully) be open this summer. I'm also officially excited for antiquing if that gives you any of idea of how easily I've slipped into country life. ;)


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Sending extra <3 to you veganhothead for keeping me in the habit of doing these! :)

1. Just saw about eight different kinds of birds all eating or splashing in the bath at once!

2. It's 18C!

3. The dogs have already learned the paths through the woods and didn't get all tangled up today! :D

4. I am enjoying just being in our super-clean house with all the windows open right now. ^-^ (I can relax for the rest of the weekend now!)

5. Friends who are honest and mature and hear you out when you've made a mistake.


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