May 1st, 2020


Run It Out


Felt myself getting all jittery earlier so I got outside and got some (rainy!) exercise (I'm so sorry if that is not an option for you, yet! This can't last forever...) and it helped so much. It even made me temporarily forget about my left arm WHICH PIGGO ALMOST BROKE LAST NIGHT because guess who WE ran into on our pre-dinner walk?


Holy FRIG--Pigatha instantly turned into a wild, snarling, terrifying hell hound and then before I could even react she was full-ticket chasing him into the neighbouring farm fields and my brain registered what was happening just about two seconds too late and I didn't let go of the leash in time.


Damn near yanked the thing right off of me...! Grr!! And then I couldn't even be mad at her, at ALL, because she was literally just doing her job as a dog. o_O (Do you see how complicated life with animals is?? *LOL*...) Luckily for me (and Papa Fox) Piggy got all tangled up in some wild brush that prevented her from entering another (real, big, actual) barn. o_O What were the odds?! What, I ask you?? Amazing. So everyone's alive and I still have two arms. :D

Hope everyone is well! I'm having an okay/good day, now, and am getting back to my to-do list.