April 25th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Already an amazing day <3

It's just after 9AM and I've done my morning chores and taken a nice walk with the dogs in the fresh air and sunshine. Feeling so good!

Things that made me smile today:

- I looked out the (upstairs hallway) window while cleaning Lee's box, and saw a BRIGHT red cardinal! Then I did Ti's box, and then I looked back out that window again and the cardinal was now eating breakfast with his pretty lady. ^-^

- Went downstairs to toss that bag out and noticed movement outside the dining room window... PAPA FOX WITH THEIR SIX BABIES.


I'd only seen five of them until this morning. ^-^

- All the CB radio stuff has arrived, is installed, and we're already having fun with it. ^-^ Bonus: Everyone thinks it's a cop vehicle now, so they are being such respectful, AWARE drivers, for once. ;) So very nice!

- There is leftover steak from last night and I'm gonna re-fry it and serve it with scramby eggs for leckfast! :D


- Deleted Facebook. I was down to using it 20 mins a week, and I still felt guilty about wasting that time. Keeping Instagram to keep in touch with my hairdresser. *LOL*! (Same rules: sign in on Wed and Sat, only.) :D

Okay off to stalk the foxes now, heh.

Happy Saturn's Day!