April 22nd, 2020

Black cat scream

Good Morning! :)

sextangles I saw this this morning and immediately thought of you!! (Well, you and Butters!)



Hope everyone slept well! I barely got five hours and now my head is pounding...but there's COFFEE!! *hooks to veins* I'll be fine this is fine!

Unrelated: We got more snow. ...It's still there. GRR!



Took this photo last night...couldn't resist that lighting. The stars were phenomenal.

A bird flew into the living room window today and died right in front of me. I was horrified and ran outside with gardening gloves on to check him...I was hoping he was just stunned. Sadly, he was definitely dead. It was a goldfinch...and he was beautiful.

He rests under the Big Tree, now.

*Note: I do already have bird-alert decals up, but, obviously, I need more. Tried to order some just now but it was temporarily unavailable. I will find more, somewhere.

...And yes I also know the creepy-weird symbolism attached to this. *shifting in seat*

Feeling weird. I need to reset... See you in the morning.