April 20th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Canadian Killing Spree

A 51 year old psychopath dressed up as a police officer and using a mocked-up 'police car' went on a shooting (killing) spree in Nova Scotia. He murdered 16 people.

I was choking on emotion reading about it this morning. NS is just...the last place in the world you'd expect such a thing to happen. When people say Canadians are kind and polite? It's those eastern provinces that that applies to. Life is slower down there, simpler. Sweeter.

Why the hell did this have to happen?

I don't even know if my relatives are okay yet (my mom is from there and her family still lives there).

*Update* Everyone we know is safe.

Please pray/send love out into the Universe for the families of those poor people.

Article from the local paper here.

Just senseless and devastating and pure evil.
Witch and kitty

In Better News...

1. I was up early enough to make my man a good lunch for work (Mondays are hard).

2. As I was cleaning up the dining room after dinner last night, I looked out the window and saw Mama Fox gently kissing two of her sweet babies. The babies then wrestled while she kept watch. :)

3. It's a cold but beautiful day (-1C). At least it's not hailing!

4. My man ordered a whole CB radio getup for the truck, and it says it's arriving this week now instead of May! Yes, we ordered it after watching Cannonball Run. *LOL*

5. I feel motivated to further attack today's to-do list after this coffee and catch-up session with you guys. <3

Last night's dinner inspired by theirgrammy! --> Collapse )