April 18th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Me after my morning news check...



*deep breaths*

5 Things I'm Grateful Today:

1. Our home and family. <3

2. It's sunny and warm! Filled the feeders early this morning and the birds have been visiting all day.

3. Having physical space to roam. We're working on tidying up the woods today! (Moving large branches, creating clearer walking paths etc.)

4. It's nice enough for me to wash the outside windows--and clean the 'Summer Home'! ^-^

5. Halfway through my daily chores, already. :) (The busier I keep myself, the less time there is to think about/be down about current affairs... <3)

As a bonus, we have enough food to eat. I mean just look at this weekend spread...Collapse )
Witch and kitty

Too Tired! Can't word!

Today was a great day--we tag-team cleaned the whole house!! Got up early and just went for it. It smells like lemons and bleach in there now, mmm. Spent hours just on the bedroom! No more dust bunnies hiding anywhere. Be gone!! There is also not a scrap of laundry left to be done and even the porch got cleaned. :D

We never got to the forest stuff but it was really cold and windy, anyway. That can be next weekend (it's supposed to rain tomorrow). I feel amazing about what we accomplished today--but I am exhausted now. Just made us each a tea (mint for me, green for him) and wanted to pop in just to say how much better my mood is after a day like that (the bedroom was depressing me...it should be a sacred space and it was becoming a dumping ground) and that I didn't even bother to sign into any social media, yet again! And THAT feels great, too. (I will sign in tomorrow, though, just to see any photos you guys may have put either place! <3 How long has it been? 10 days? I can't check without signing in so I don't know *Lol*.)

Off to do a nice hair and face mask combo now and then it's comfy-couch show time together (Dexter) and then SLEEP glorious sleep. ^-^

Sorry I missed everything here today but I will of course catch up in the morning with coffee! Hope you all sleep well. :)