April 12th, 2020

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Good Morning :)

Snapped a few nice photos this morning with Sooki (hard to use the camera while trying to hold onto to Piggo) for you guys! The clouds are gorgeous today. I put all the photos at the bottom since LJ cuts still don't work properly and I'm reduced to using the spoiler option.

I see from my friend's page that it's Easter Sunday! We haven't celebrated any Christian holidays in years and I'm finally starting to forget all those details (yay). But if you are celebrating then I wish you much love, and good food, today! ^-^


Sooki enjoying that cool spring breeze. <3

2 more in here --> [Spoiler (click to open)]



Hope everyone is having a great start to the day! :)
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When you see it...!


I already thought this room was cute as hell and then I noticed the little detail that made it perfection...

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A few more in here if you click the 'spoiler' (the cuts still aren't working properly) AND when you want to make the photos disappear again, simply refresh your page! :)

[Spoiler (click to open)]


YAY! The babies are definitely in the shed. :>

And saw this cute lil' chubster helping himself to some birdseed this morning!



It's definitely spring--all the critters are coming back. ^-^

(And if the idiot neighbours on the other side there don't like it then they're welcome to ingest a satchel of richards.)