April 11th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Beautiful morning <3


Woke up at 6 so I could catch the sunrise at 6:20... Gorgeous. Pretty sure I heard the weird, cat-dog grumbling sounds of a fox, too! Maybe they want to raise another family in our shed?? :D

The moon was still up, too. More under here Collapse )
Witch and kitty

Peak Canadian

So in an official press statement yesterday, Canadians were reminded to keep "the space of one hockey stick between each other at all times".


It cracked us up because honestly? It really is the perfect visual and helps a lot.


(My hockey stick has pink hockey tape on it because OF COURSE IT DOES muahaha!!)
Witch and kitty

Health and Fitness Goals


This photo (this woman) inspires me so much. If she can lift at 70 I can certainly keep up on my daily exercises. :)

And this gorgeous gal is my hair AND ab goals *lol* Collapse )
Witch and kitty

Cutie McCutester is Cute!! Plus, POLL!

* The poll, of course, doesn't work. Everything is breaking down around here... So heartbreaking. *

I honestly can't decide if *I think she looks cuter au naturel, or done up! Eee!!


*Notice how I said,

If I think she looks cuter..

and not

Which way she is cuter.

We are not here to decide if women "look better" with or without makeup. It's grossly insulting and if you don't understand why, then you are not a feminist, after all. (Sorry to be the one to tell you that.)

We have to be mindful of our language, because it shapes society and social mores so much more than people realize.

And I haven't tried to make a poll in about fifty thousand years so here I go!!

Do you think look 1, or 2 is cuter?

I prefer look 1!
I prefer look 2!
This makes me cranky don't do this again.
Witch and kitty

Quarantine Meals...

Welp, we're getting creative! Hehe.


So lunch today was fries with grated old cheddar, topped with a rich, thick brown gravy. I wish we'd had/been able to get cheese curds, but in a pinch this did just fine! :)

Anyone else starting to eat bizarre meals under the new order? The one thing I really do miss is being able to go to the grocery store any time we want/need to. ...And the flea market, of course!! *sad*

And Titus being a sleepy little sweetie mcbeanie baby <3 [Spoiler (click to open)]



Witch and kitty

I wasn't kidding about the ice cream...

theirgrammy had to go and talk about ice cream and then this happened!!

Dark Chocolate Truffle


Oh, man. SO good. The little truffle things?! *dies* Amazing. As soon as I opened it, though, I remembered we do not have an ice cream scooper! Gah! (We had one, of course, but it broke! ...I broke it. *LOL*) That'll have to wait until next week's shopping trip--I can dig it out with a big spoon for now, heh. *stab stab*

Saturday is almost over already...today really flew! ...And not 'cause I was especially productive, either. Heh. Just read a lot and I've done about ten pages in my little workbook thingy now. (It's really nice, and relaxing. Trying so hard to be more 'unplugged', these days. More paper, more fresh air, less undirected Internet time, that sort of thing.)

Made a giant pile of mac and cheese for dinner. :D Didn't even have meat or a veg or anything...just a heaping plate of mac and cheese muahaha! It's Quarantine Comfort Food season...don't judge me!

See you guys with my morning coffee :)