April 8th, 2020

Cupcake wink

Tea (Me!) and Nap (Them) Time

Around noon every single day both cats and both dogs all go to their respective favourite little spots and take a five hour nap. Spoiled little punks. ;)

Leela <3


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Cupcake wink

Young Ryan Gosling!! ^-^ (Ready or Not)

Totally forgot he was in an episode of this show! :D

Ready or Not was THE show for (Canadian) girls aged 10-13. It was the BEST. I couldn't STAND Amanda, but I loved Busy! (I was a tomboy, too, if you can believe that!!) Oh, and confession: I had a HUGE crush on Busy's brother, Dom. ;) Also, their Italian Nonna? The best. ^-^

It aired '93-'97, so get ready for some serious nostalgia if you do click, heh.

Anyway...off to peel potatoes now!
Betty Cute

Better without!!

So it turns out both the netting AND that gawd-awful casing are completely unnecessary, in the first place. How stupid. o_O


But it turned out amazingly so I guess I'm not actually complaining!

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