April 6th, 2020

Witch and kitty

The Mandela Effect

I've spent many hours researching the Mandela Effect, and honestly it's never really 'wowed' me. Curious George didn't actually have a tail--big deal! We all remember him having a tail because many monkeys truly do have tails... It's not "fruit loops" but "FROOT loops" and it's the BereSTAIN Bears, not Berenstein. Well, kids are crappy spellers! These errors seem natural. I am also one of the people who remembers Nelson Mandela passing away decades before he did--but, again, I was a literal child. My "news intake" was just the bits and pieces my child's mind saw by accident and could kind of make sense of.

But then, last night... We watched Pacific Rim for the second time.

It was completely different.

I spent an hour online after finishing it searching for alternate versions of the movie (not endings, the ending seemed the same...) and found NOTHING. Guillermo del Toro even specifically said there was no director's cut. ...Then why do we EACH remember it differently, but in the same way?

Here is the discrepancy: Collapse )
Witch and kitty

Social Media Snow Days

I've decided to only sign in to Instagram and Facebook on Tuesdays and Saturdays--so, please, no one feel they are being ignored, there. :) (It's just another little thing that I think may improve my overall happiness...and productivity!)

I've been playing catch-up around here since I got up thanks to an ULTRA lazy weekend! Frozen foods, a movie, just talking for hours... Loved it. As for cleaning I did the absolute bare minimum the whole time...and it felt great. ^-^

And now? Laundry is going and I just threw together a Shepherd's Pie because it was literally the only dinner-y thing I could make without having EGGS in the house (argh! It ruled out burgers, meatballs and meatloaf right away, grr) popped it in the oven and now I've got 20 minutes left here to catch up with you guys. :)

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! ^-^


Sometimes I cook dinner really early for us like this, then I just do a quick re-heat in the oven at 7 or 8. More time together! <3

(Blurry 'cause I have it inside a plastic protector!)

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