March 29th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Spring Reminder: Bee Water! :)

Bees, as we all know, are essential creatures on this planet. Please help them out by giving them a place to drink that has spots for them to land on--because they absolutely can drown while trying to drink without them. (So sad!!)


I use marbles! Inexpensive (got about 100 for $2 at a random flea market, but I think the dollar stores carry marbles now, too) and pretty! There is still frost on the ground so no bee friends, yet, but I'll be adding water to this (and cleaning those dead leaves out) probably within the next few days just to encourage things along. ^-^
Witch and kitty

Rain Rain Rain

Woke up to a big rainstorm this morning, and it's only just stopped. :)

But yesterday was just gorgeous and I did get out there and snap some photos for you guys!


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