March 19th, 2020

Witch and kitty

A Few Other 'C' Words

Compassion, caring, clean, considerate, community, charity, concern, calm, creativity, courage.


We can come out of this stronger, or weaker. It's up to each of us to make that choice for ourselves.

Love and light to all. <3
Witch and kitty

More from Last Sunday <3

I guess I'm glad I've paced myself with posting about our Sunday, because now that the flea market is closed until further notice I will have one less cool thing to post about. :(


Isn't this incredible? It's from Una, the Angel Lady. It seems to emanate light from within and turns my skin this groovy orange colour, and it feels like magic. It is magic; I love it.

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Witch and kitty

Spring/Quarantine Cleaning Continues!

Just vacuumed the CEILINGS!! Argh! My ARMS!!!



Should probably be working on my upper body strength more often... ;)

Doing ceilings, ceiling vents, fans, light fixtures etc. today! It's a non-smoking home (we are still so proud of this) BUT we have four animals, so the dust collects up there something fierce. *shudders* But now--gone!! And it feels GOOD.

Just here for a quick coffee & LJ break and then I'm back at it! :)

Hope you're all keeping busy and sane.

Witch and kitty

Awaken, and Rise


Prayer for The Resurrection of the Earth

The death sleep of winter has slowly faded,
the rigor of the ground loosens,
and the earth is once more reborn.
Like Mithras and Osiris,
reborn from death,
life returns again to the land,
springing up as the snow melts away.
As the soil warms and the days grow longer,
dew forms along new sprouts of grass,
bringing life back.
Awaken! Awaken! Awaken!
And rise!
Let the earth come to life again,
and welcome the light of spring!

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