March 16th, 2020

Beetlejuice Dehydrated

So done with the panicked masses...


My face after walking out of store #4 without TP. We were down to a single roll and I was already considering which old facecloths could be donated to the cause, if need be.

We finally found two packages of 12 rolls, so we took one package. Because there is NO shortage--this stuff is going to keep hitting the shelves, for the love of all that is good in this world STOP hoarding! You know what happens when people have an overabundance of anything? They become WASTEFUL. Food, money, friends--whatever, it can literally be anything, but when people feel like they have so much of a thing that they needn't worry about it then it starts to lose value.

Let's all just keep encouraging each other to stay sane...


Break Time *whew*

Currently halfway through cleaning the whole fridge!! Tearing everything out of the pantry next so I know exactly what we have so we don't end up overbuying anything needlessly. There is going to be an enormous food-wastage ripple effect from all those idiot hoarders and I'm trying really hard not to contribute to that.


Just went and filled the bird feeders and two doves flew right in my face and yes I screamed in shock *LOL*! I'm not actually afraid of any of birds ;) I was just surprised! And they are loud little things, aren't they?? Such a weird, panicky, undulating little coo they have on them...

It's also ALMOST time to get my beloved birdbath out! ^-^ (Can't put it out too soon and let the water freeze or it'll crack the concrete!)

So I mentioned we did go to the McHaffie Flea Market on Sunday (our Sunday morning tradition since moving here <3) but I haven't shown you what I got, yet! Remember I said I was going back for the tiny pink (decorative) birdhouse? Well, I did! And I got another one, too, because look how pretty that is with the pearls... :D

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Fridge? Check!


*happy sigh*

And as you can see, no hoarding insanity, here. We have the exact same of amount of stuff we always do. Oh and the top of the fridge still needs a quick sort but I really needed this break *Lol*

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