March 15th, 2020

Beetlejuice Dehydrated

That...was weird.

Just got back from the flea market... :s

Over half the vendors are senior citizens, which meant over the half the booths were closed today (tarps covering everything). Whole place was a ghost town... Really gave me a spooky feeling.

Oh, and the jerks from Ottawa did finally come out here and empty out all our food shops. It wasn't like this with SARS or any of the other things I've witnessed in my life--is the difference now the social media? I think it is. It spreads panic and false information at the speed of stupid light.

I'm not scared of this virus (I'm not in the 'danger group' but I am fully aware that I can still contract it and spread it and I am taking all precautions against that) but it is confirming all my horrible fears/opinions of the general public/the masses.


If you thought I was a hermit BEFORE...

It's all just really disheartening. I saw the Angel Lady, Una, this morning (love her, love her energy). I bought a stunning piece from her and was not surprised when she sadly informed me that she had to withhold her standard with-purchase hug. I told her I of course appreciated that and then we both "showered" one another in Reiki.


My fellow Lightworkers--we should organize a global energy effort of some kind. What the world, needs now...