March 14th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Good Morning! :)


Starting to look a lot cheerier around here! Yay! ^-^

My man is off helping a friend move this morning so I'm just bouncing between chores and LJ, heh.

Leela looking very dignified --> Collapse )
Witch and kitty

Spring Cleaning Continues! :D

Just had a great lunch (if I do say so myself) and now I'm having a coffee and smoke break here before I go back in and tackle more things! Focusing on general clutter, floors, windows and the laundry room today (plus laundry, of course).

Made what we call "eggies" for lunch ^-^


Way better than anything you'd get on the outside--and I ended up just eating one of them because I forgot just how filling they can be!

And this is what I made last night during movie intermission --> Collapse )
Witch and kitty

Tired, Full and Happy <3

Cleaned all damn day and then made a beautiful beef stroganoff (real!!) for dinner! It was my first time making that and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. ^-^


pondhopper I told you I'd make it and I finally did!! I was missing the proper pan for it but we finally picked that up last weekend. :)

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