March 12th, 2020

Cupcake wink

The Good with the Bad

Titus and The Pig just went on a rampage together through the house.


Pig knocked the baby gate down and together they broke one of my favourite (decorative) mugs and smashed up a candle.

*deep breath*

But then, after I'd cleaned it all up, I was going to put the broom away and my eye caught movement at the big window. It was a total mishmash group feeding bird frenzy out there! I sat, and saw:

- Two Northern cardinals (male and female)
- Two mourning doves (male and female)
- Dozens of black-capped chickadees
- Woodpeckers
- A bunch of cute little chonkers with long beaks that I can't identify yet


So I sat there on the step (in the warmth!) and enjoyed a good ten mins of silent birdwatching. (Even the pets were calm because they knew they were in trouble *Lol*.)

That mug can be replaced, but if I'd not been in there at that moment I'd have missed the beautiful bird show.


Hope you're having a beautiful day, too.

Cupcake wink

Chicken and Potatoes

Making my super simple creamy mushroom chicken (breast, and it was on sale!) with garlic mashed potatoes (and corn) tonight. Good comfort food...I've got a wicked headache. Still sore as hell so I'm definitely thinking of some couch time tonight... (Maybe a movie but probably more Ab Fab! On season 4 and still loving it <3)

Charged up the ol' moon ball, too (excellent movie lighting).