March 7th, 2020

Black cat scream

Titus Goes to the Vet

Annual check-up time for my little demon! He's got a low level heart murmur we're all keeping an eye on *nods* (it's why I chose him, actually). But of course, he HATES riding in vehicles and will scream the entire 1.5 hour roundtrip.


Loading up on coffee now... For the love of all that is holy--wish us luck!! *LOL*

So that's at 9AM, and then we've got all the grocery and house shopping to do, and we'd like to squeeze a visit in with Farmer John. Busy!! We'll be coming back here, though, after the vet to regroup and walk the dogs, so I'll catch up on you lovelies, then. Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!

Cupcake wink

An A+ for Titus ^-^

Well he screamed the entire way there o_O and was definitely nervous in the office at first, but he warmed up pretty quickly and then started trying to climb/wreck everything as usual!! Luckily our vet is pretty much the kindest and most patient woman on Earth and she's never even fazed by his antics. He peed a tiny bit in the carrier (on my shirt ARGH I gave him the flannel PJ top I wore to bed last night to comfort him...and he pissed on it).


Anyway, inspired by lindahoyland, I actually took photos while there this time. :)


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