March 5th, 2020

BJ x3 by wolf

Kitty Cuddles on the Couch <3


ARGH I love her so much. ;_; She purred the entire time. ^-^

Unrelated, I'm up to season 4 of Ab Fab, xina_gee!! The Marilyn Manson episode nearly killed me dead *LOL*.

The last one I saw was when they go to Paris for just a day so Patsy can be in a photoshoot, and Edina and Saffy end up spending the day together--as she and Patsy would! It was so actually heartwarming to see them bonding like that :) and for Saffy to finally loosen up and have a little fun.

Also, Edina dropped these pearls of wisdom that I can't get out of my head:

"You're in a cage, sweetie, and you know what your cage is?

Other people's eyes."


It just stopped me dead in my tracks. Saying you don't care what people think and actually not caring are two totally different things, and I'm going to remember Edina's words next time I'm out in public and getting unwarranted snarly looks from women. :D
BJ x3 by wolf

80-Storey DROP (Dream)

Hoo doggies. Okay. This was a good one.

First, it was so real and so vivid. The type of dream with all five senses intact.

I "appear" on the scene.


It's a large, crowded swimming pool with a fair amount of people having a fun day out in the sun. It actually wasn't outside, but the ceiling was hundreds of feet high and the top was all glass (kind of like the Wave Pool in Ottawa) and you could literally feel the warm sun on your skin.

It's a lucid dream--SCORE! I immediately think,

Yessss I finally get to get to SWIM!!!!

and then I just f-ing Naruto-ran and cannonballed into the water. It was heavenly! Just the right temperature and even though there were people around nobody was too close to me and I was really enjoying it. That feeling of can't beat it. Nothing is like it.

So then, remembering again that I'm in a dream, I thought why not do that trick where you quickly swim to the bottom and then you slowly release all the air in your lungs, so you can literally lie down on the bottom? That was always so weird and cool.

So, I do it! And it is just as fun as I remember. I feel that tightness in the chest--gimme air--and kick my way back up to the surface. Big breath. Everyone is having a great time around me and the vibe is so good! I think, why not do it again?

Big mistake.

I repeat the process, except this time while I'm chilling on the pool's bottom, I decide to close my eyes and enjoy it.

Do not do this in a dream--this is bad??

In about three seconds' time, I felt my body physically DROPPING. Falling falling falling SO FAST falling falling and I just kept thinking,

That was at least eighty storeys...I HAVE to open my eyes...

Eighty storeys
Eighty storeys

I just kept hearing that in my head.

I opened my eyes, highly disturbed now, and then used my feet to push off the bottom and speed-swam to the top, and you know what I realized once I got up there? My lungs weren't tight.

I could now breath underwater.

I spent the rest of the night frolicking like a mermaid.



(ethereal_waves I patiently await your analysis, specifically. *LOL*! <3)
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So, I deal with massive heartburn now, apparently?


My mom deals with this and I always wondered if it would eventually affect me.

Welp, time to adjust my diet accordingly.

*shoves glasses up on nose*

Research time.


I actually feel good, today, but last night... Ick. Felt like I was breathing f-ing fire...

(PS: 35 is super fun so far *LOL*...)
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Kitchen's cleaned!! ...What should I make now??


I'm becoming obsessed--the moment the kitchen is cleaned I immediately start thinking of what to cook/bake next, heh! ^-^ ...And I'm thinking it's gonna be chocolate chip cookies!!

Things I've done today:

- Cat boxes (always the first chore I knock off, because I love them)
- Made my man a nice lunch for work (it contained meatballs! *LOL*)
- Two doggy walks (gorgeous out!)
- A huge sweep + vacuum of the main floor (...Ew. Four animals argh.)
- Cleaned kitchen back to sparkliness
- Caught up here and made a few posts
- Changed all the trash can bags/organized recycling (I always do this right after the cat boxes because EW that has to go outside in the big garbage can...)


I guess that's it but it's not bad for 11AM :)

Hope you're all having a great morning! :D
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A nice end to the day <3

I kept my cleaning streak up today and ended up mopping floors and getting two loads of laundry done (and put away). Yay! Then my guy came home and since we finally picked up a strong wall bracket on the weekend he put the big TV up!! :D

I am soo happy! It looks great and of course I will post a photo tomorrow. Right now, I'm dying to go and watch a movie because it all feels so ~new~ in there, heh. ^-^

Going to enjoy a poof here first, of course, so I'll catch up with you guys as much as possible and then finish up in the morning (such a nice way to start my day). :)

Oh, and dinner was pea soup!


Sleep well, everyone! ^-^