March 4th, 2020

BJ x3 by wolf

Pasta Coma O_O

We just finished dinner and we are stuffed. I made a double batch of those meatballs and we just killed the rest with spaghetti!


Mmm. House smells all garlicky again. ^-^

Today was a great day. I kept busy from the time I got up and feel so good now. Tired, but good! It's actually still pretty early so I'm thinking either a movie tonight, or if he's not in the mood then I'll just go read on the couch with Leela. :)

*Pausing to go walk dogs...

Ahh, much better! Feel less sleepy now. :) (We time it that way on purpose!) Soon I'll be ready for popcorn and peanut butter cookies, heh (whether we watch a movie or I read--those snacks are included).

Oh and they look better now (they hadn't fully cooled in the last photo).


*You're not crazy--I made big and little ones on purpose, just to see.


Alright, quick poof here to catch up with you guys then I'm off for the night. Hope everyone has a good sleep!