February 15th, 2020

Betty Cute

Day 12: Soup and Grilled Cheese

He was late getting home this night and that's exactly why I put a handful of super quick & easy options on the list. :)


The flash made the soup look super weird! It wasn't so dark in person? It was Lipton's. *LOL*!

And, good morning!! ^-^
Betty Cute

Day 14: Rotisserie Chicken/Potato/Veg!

My guy didn't get home from work until 7:30 last night ack!! Didn't leave a lot of time for cooking but then I noticed that because we had leftovers for dinner once this month that we now have a 'free meal' which means whatever we want!! (Within reason/the already established parameters...) And I wanted CHICKEN! The big/full rotisserie is a lot for the two of us but the grocery store is now offering smaller portions which means YAY!!


(I ate almost all the cauliflower the moment that lid came off... Cauliflower RULES!)

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Living Dead Girl

My Favourite Camera, Ever!


My first camera ever was gifted to me from my dad and it looked just this! Except, mine was hot pink, of course! It was around '91 and I was six. :) I LOVED it. The flash-stick thing was my favourite part. I feel so grown up using that, heh.

Thanks for the great trip down Memory Lane, pondhopper! I'm still thinking about this. ^-^