February 12th, 2020

Me Skully

No sun yet...

Good morning! Still waking up in the dark (6AM), although it is still light out after 5PM, so that's something. Waiting for coffee now. Only -3C right now which made for a pretty nice dog walk. The moon is still up and looks HUGE which is great because we got gypped out of seeing it truly full thanks to clouds the other day (I hate it when that happens but it's not like we can do anything about it *Lol*).

Hope you're having a great morning!



Adding some photos of Piggy being super cute last night...look how much she loves her Dad!! ^-^


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Living Dead Girl

Day 11: Taquitos!

I know there aren't usually veggies with my dinner, but I graze on fruit and raw veggies ALL day long. If I walked through the kitchen, I grabbed something. (He calls me The Scavenger *LOL*)


Living Dead Girl


I've thrown on the first disc of the first season of Frasier and the 'I Hate Frasier Crane' with Derek Mann episode came on. I was washing the windows (CAT NOSE PRINTS ARGH IT NEVER ENDS) and not looking at the TV when I heard Mr. Mann say,

"Good, 'cause I was listening, too."

And I actually yelled out,


Of course I checked and it is indeed Joe Mantegna! I can't believe I never noticed that sooner. ^-^