February 5th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Goooood Morning!! ^-^


Now Eddie has the right approach to Wednesdays! Heh.

Oh, WE FINISHED FRIDAY THE 13TH, and it was excellent. It's an obvious 10/10 and I feel guilty even rating it because it's an absolute classic and doesn't even need my love.


Have a great day! ^-^
Witch and kitty

10 Dresses I Love

I officially want to learn to make my own clothes so I can have ALL of these (and they'd be so well tailored). Behind a cut because obviously women's fashions aren't going to be everyone's (most people's) cup of tea! ^-^

They're in here --> Collapse )
Witch and kitty

The Greatest, Most Important Folk Song of All Time


If you don't know it, I can't tell you because it's not 1989 anymore and people will lynch me where I stand. :)

But if you do...please know we have the complete DVD set and saw this sketch last night and I choked so freaking hard on my Bits & Bites that I almost died. DIED!!!

The lyrics and the just the physical way that Bruce and Mark sing/deliver it, OmG, as if they are mormons in a church or something?? It's TOO good!!


Oh and if you don't like or don't understand satirical humour then you're gonna wanna bypass the comments on this one--if it even gets any which I'm thinking is unlikely since it's 2020 and these guys are an acquired taste, heh.



I was just four in '89 so I only saw these as re-runs on TV (until now) and I DEFINITELY missed this skit originally and I know because I certainly would've remembered that catchy little tune!!

*walking around humming it*

something-something something freeeee...