January 31st, 2020

Witch and kitty

Comment Stats for January ^-^

Haven't done one of these in ages and was curious how things have changed from last year! I've got pretty much the same crowd with a few new lovelies <3 Thanks to everyone who makes an appearance in my journal and keeps this place alive! (I stopped at 35 because the numbers just dwindle after that.)

1 amethyst_witch 1667
2 thespian15 217
3 hellocupcakes 164
4 howlin_wolf_66 147
5 spikesgirl58 130
6 sorceress 121
7 ragnarok_08 108
8 pondhopper 108
9 livejournal 79
10 ethereal_waves 79
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Witch and kitty

I need a dusting icon...

The movie/show collection was getting all messy and disorganized. -_- I started rearranging them and immediately noticed that those shelves fall under the 'neglected areas' heading when it comes to regularly scheduled cleaning. o_O

I'm making progress! About halfway done now.


and we totally killed that Shepherd's Pie, heh --> Collapse )