January 26th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Wait...wait why is it spring?!

It's 1C. All the snow off the house and garage roofs have come crashing down and destroyed my precious walking paths!! o_O You know I want spring but not NOW, *lol*. It's just too weird!

It's Sunday. We kinda went into party mode (no drinking, but just that vibe) this weekend and now I need to face the music and clean...well, everything!! I've done a sink full of dishes but there's another one waiting (I've used our brand new dishwasher exactly two times since getting it last December! I just...don't...wanna. It seems like a waste for two people?! Why did I insist on this...) and then onto everything else.


Stretching Progress: Been doing it daily for about 6 weeks now, with 6 of those days 'off' (I still stretch that day but suuuuuper lightly) and I'm no longer experiencing intense hip/thigh pain when I wake up. Yay! My hamstrings still feel almost as tight as Day 1, though. Boourns. My core is slowly getting stronger and I know because I constantly feel like I took a kick to the gut *LOL* (took many a-kicks in martial arts--don't want it to sound like I was just some nutbag who fought strangers all the time) but that's okay. That's what progress feels like! I just read this super simple line about working out/improving physical health somewhere and it was so motivating:

"It's not supposed to be easy."


I am still nowhere near those two crazy poses I posted weeks back, though. *LOL* Like not even in that f-ing hemisphere...


But, I'll get there. You'll see. :) (I've been too embarrassed to take photos of my efforts but you WILL see, eventually.)

Witch and kitty

He's got 'the crazy' today...


You can SEE the little switches in his brain turning from 'good' to 'pure evil'!


It's the rain--it makes him weeeeeird(er). ^-^

I'm all caught up on housework again and am thinking about lunch now! Well, brunch (leckfast!!) I guess? I'm thinking waffles (frozen, argh), eggs and an apple.

It continues to be freakishly mild here! *checks*... 1C!! :D BUT, they are now calling for rain AND snow. o_O Luckily we've got groceries galore and a 'van full' of movies to help us through this brief hibernation period. ;) (I'll post about whatever we choose, later!)

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Are we all beginning our Sunday Wind-down Routines?

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Witch and kitty

Tea Time! (Weekend Wind Down)

Having a lovely cup of tea right now (mint for me, green for him) as part of the Weekend Wind Down. Just washed my hair (and used the fancy pants purple conditioner) and spent some time cleaning and generally spiffing up my nails--Sundays are for Self-Care! I'll post photos tomorrow because they look way better in sunlight. ^-^

Other things I always do on Sundays:

- Change the bedding (and make sure my legs are smooth because that's the best)

- Clean out the fridge (it's Garbage Eve! Bless us all)

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