January 23rd, 2020

Witch and kitty

Good Morning!


More reds today! Lovely. Can't stay crusty after seeing that! ^-^

I finally had a good sleep after a very toss-y turn-y week and I think I'll take on the laundry room again today. Things kept happening that pushed it off the top of the priority list, but I think I'm all caught up again and can carve out some time for that.

I'm still stretching daily, been about five weeks now... IT STILL HURTS LIKE HELL. Massive difference between now and when I was 14... -_- (It took me about two weeks in martial arts as a teen to turn myself into a human pretzel, and now...ARGH. But, that's okay--I'm determined!) I'm also working on my core strength (sit ups) thanks to a certain lovely lady here who made me remember how important that is to do, while we still can. Being more conscious of my posture, too, which feels so weird at first (HELLO HERE ARE MY BREASTS) but is obviously for the greater good. ^-^

Okay time to catch up with you guys! :)
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Witch and kitty

Names that are not their names!

As the Mister and I yelled (nicely) across rooms to one another last night about who and who had not yet been fed, it occurred to me that we almost never call any of them by their actual names?? Here's a cheat sheet for if you're over here *LOL*

Titus: The Kraken, Demon Boy, Damien, That Thing in Room 64, Hugo (get him his fish heads) Lucifer, Tiny Evil Thing, Tornado of Terror

Leela: Piggy Pot Pie, Cutie McPretty, Sweetie McChub Butt

Sooki: Stinky, Swamp Pig Princess, Stinky McBrown Eyes

Piglet: The Tank, Pigletti, Piggo, Pigatha, Piggaroni, Princess McPiggy Butt, Piggy Proud Butt

It makes me wonder why we bothered to give them 'real' names at all!

Witch and kitty

Impeccable timing...! <3

Yesterday evening when I was definitely in need of a smile...one arrived on my doorstep!! ^-^ Awhile back, sweetie-pie xina_gee sent me these:


:D And I LOVE them and use them frequently because they are SO cute and just a fun little positive thing to do a few times a week! I've always had good success with cards (any cards) and I've found this deck to be no less spooky than any tarot set...! (Seriously--I chose two cards two days ago and whoa... I did take photos! Will post later.)

So that's the deck that started it all, and then last night while I was going inside to peel potatoes I found these little puppies waiting for me!! (Not my actual puppies. *LOL*)

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Witch and kitty

Yay!! Just doesn't seem right to begin the year without this...

My witches' datebook arrived! I've been getting these for...I don't even know how long?? I was definitely getting them in my 20s, but could it be longer than that?! And no, I didn't keep them all. Kind of wish I had now but it seemed unnecessary until this moment *lol*.



Does anyone have any idea how long they've been doing these? I'm on the official Llewellyn website but there isn't much of an 'about' section.

Oh, and it gives you a colour for each day, and today's was green. :)

I had a good day, stayed on top of all the things (cleaning and cooking--tonight I made pasta shells with a spicy meat sauce, mmm) and got some reading in, too. The weather is the weirdest of any winter I can remember--it's -3C right now. That is so mild...which would be great except these big temperature swings make me ache. I think I'd better do another round of stretching tonight before bed or else I'll be sore AF tomorrow...

How's everyone doing, this winter? Everybody okay with the SAD stuff? I hope so.
(*hugs* if you're not and feel free to vent at me if you need to. <3)

It used to hit me so super badly but we just haven't had a lot of that frigidly cold (-30C) stuff yet, and I'm doing all the recommended things to combat it so...feeling pretty good. :) Only...10 more weeks to go?! *LOL* oh good gawd... Say a little prayer that our weird, good weather continues? ;)