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October 2nd, 2019

Good Morning! ^-^


Hello! Hope everyone slept well. ^-^

It rained off and on all night, which was very nice for sleeping. Still haven't turned the heat on so the bedroom is nice and crisp and cool at night (the days are still quite warm) and even though it makes it hard to get up in the morning (so comfy!) it's so unbelievably nice to crawl into at night for sleep.

We finished all the Vikings we have... O_O The second part of season 5 just dropped $10 on Amazon...keep going.


A few more drops and I'll actually buy it (it's wish-listed for now so I can monitor the price, heh).

Today is all about decorating for me here! Cleaned and got the rooms ready yesterday, and now that it's finally not raining I can start hauling boxes out of the garage! Woo! Photos to follow. ^-^

*Update: It literally just started raining. *LOL*

Tooki <3

Titus and Sooki, at it again! <3


Read more...Collapse )

I knew it...!

Luckily, I've already been worshipping him for decades. Read more...Collapse )

It never fails...

Sometimes, I randomly think about this scene from Bridesmaids and just bust out laughing (...to myself) at the most inappropriate times o_O Read more...Collapse )

True Love

So we're watching something the other night and couldn't help but notice and be touched by how the characters, now heavily aged and worn...are still shining beauties in each other's eyes. He was saying how he believes that is the sign of true love, that you can look at the same person day after day and year after year, and still be so shocked and humbled by their loveliness...and so I softly took his hand, and gently nodding whispered...Read more...Collapse )

Afternoon Snack

Of the most boring cereal on Earth *lol* but hellocupcakes you asked what kind this was and I couldn't remember exactly but I just went in and had a bowl and snapped a pic for ya:Collapse )


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