Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Rainy Tyr's Day

Went to bed early (before midnight) and woke up early feeling so good. Coffee was pre-set to brew on its own and I actually said,

"Aww thank you, Night-Sarah!"

when I walked down into the kitchen. :D

Being nice to yourself is nice. And since I have (had!!) a lifelong habit of self sabotaging, writing a few loose goals down the night before really helps me stay on track. Maybe you've got your stuff together enough that you don't need to do that? Good for you! :D ...I need a list. Every single day.


And here it is -->


If I didn't get to something, I just circle it and make sure I get it done within that week (and if I still don't then it just gets put into the next pressure! Just helpful reminders).

...Are you thinking of the Gotta-keep-on-top-of-my-life guy from Kids in the Hall right now?? I still have that sign up on my desk, by the way. Hehe!! It's super motivating! If he can get kidnapped and still be checking things off his list then I can do the damn the windows.


So, that's it! That's what I do. Nothing is planned down to the minute--I hate that. I just jot down things I know would make me feel good to have done that day, the night before. And I don't aim too damn high, either--that's not what a daily list is for. (I don't need to put things like feed animals/walk dogs--I'm on autopilot for those things! It's the bigger-ish things that I don't like doing, y'know? Well you know, you can see it *lol*.)

I am also loving this whole re-train-your-brain-with-language thing!

Example: instead of thinking,

I don't feel like cleaning for two hours...

Try to redirect yourself and think,

WOW in only two hours my home can be a haven!

Does it sound a little cheesy? Yup. Is it working? YUP. :)

As you may remember, my goal for 2020 was to complain less and do more. That was all--but it's changing my whole life in ways I couldn't have imagined.


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