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Laughing in the Dark

Consistency is Everything


Just finished a very light dance workout (and stretches, of course!) because I was hit with terrible cramps late yesterday afternoon ("STRUCK DOWN IN THE PRIME OF LIME") so I think that, plus night stretches, will be enough for today! (Plus dog walks! Can't escape that. <3)

Getting here late today because I'm trying to get my most of the housework done before using my Internet time (4 hours daily--self discipline, baby!!) which means LJ is starting to feel like a real treat, again.

Talking with a bestie here this morning made me remember life pre-Internet. Remember the '90s?! *LOL*. Personally I was way happier with how things were back then--but I don't want to live in the past, either. (Don't wanna be THAT 'guy'...!) So instead of Wednesdays and Saturdays, I'll only be signing into social media for a maximum of 1 hour on Saturdays. (It too easily became a distraction...and there isn't much of real value there anyway, let's face it.) So my four hours (spread out) of Internet time is used for checking the news/weather, LJ (<3), a little of the ol' Pinterest (so inspiring!) and general reading/Googling things etc. It feels great! And, I find myself not even using the full four hours a day--it's more like three, now. Yay! ^-^ (And I don't feel like I'm missing anything--that's important.)

I'm the type of person who needs limits and structure, but I also rebel against rigidity (isn't that a fun combo? *lol*) so the only way this works for me is to basically put myself on a 'Rewards System'. I did five chores? Hell yeah make a tea, savour it, and enjoy LJ for an hour. :)

This is a great time to get back to doing the simple things that bring us happiness--and it's not about cutting technology out completely, but rather just getting back to using it for what it was intended for (to learn, to connect in a meaningful way, to accomplish tasks like banking and setting up appts. etc. It just so quickly became like TV--an endless stream of nothingness that is also somehow HIGHLY addictive. TF. Time to pull back. I was so hopelessly addicted to TV and if I can quit that then I know I can get a handle on this Internet thing, too.)


I hope this post wasn't annoying... I know I kind of went on, there, but I'm excited. Yesterday I stretched out on the couch and played a whole CD from start to finish. No other distractions, just simply enjoyed that album in its entirety, as was intended.

Here's to enjoying life more like it's 1995, again. ^-^


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