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Laughing in the Dark

It didn't melt...


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...It is pretty, though. :)

How's everyone doing this morning?

Everything is good, here. Just finished the cat boxes, kitchen and threw on a load of laundry. Everyone is in there eating breakfast right now--Titus in his bedroom and Pigatha in her pen--or else they will eat ALL THE FOODZ and wreck our entire house in the process. o_O Titus and Pig were the runts of their litters, so it's to be expected but WOW I thought it might slow down, by now? But, no. Not even a tiny bit! (And all our pigs are overfed in the first place so don't go believing their LIES about wasting away...)

It was my stepdad's 73rd birthday yesterday! :) He's well and I phoned in the morning to wish him a happy birthday...but WOW it hurt my heart to not drive over there and hug the hell out of him. He was (still is) so good to me, growing up. Bought me my first bike and taught me to ride it (age 6, and yes it was pink and SO fantastic) and he has also taken great care of my mom for thirty years... That is the best gift he could give to me/my bro as a stepdad. I just wish I could've made it more special for him this year...maybe I'll surprise him with a random celebration when the crisis is all over with. :)

Off to catch up with you guys, now! Hope you're having a great day. ^-^


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