Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

Lovely Memory

It's raining--feeling psychic as all hell. Any other sensitives trapped in their heads today??

I am forcing myself to do the chores and daily duties (I've done the cat boxes, kitchen and threw on a load of laundry) or else I'll just sit in a chair and STARE, and THINK. That's too much damn thinking. *LOL*! You know what I mean. Thinking is wonderful but I also need to stay focused on the tasks at hand today!! (They are plentiful!!)


So all these mini-memories are popping into my head nonstop like home videos in my mind and this has been my favourite one, so far:

I used to live in Ottawa off Ogilvie road in some townhouses across from some (small) condos, and every morning while I waited for the bus to go to work I'd see an older woman across the street with two small dogs (like the size of your little guys, hellocupcakes!) and one of them would be walking and she always, always had the white one in her arms. After seeing her for a few months little nods and 'good mornings!' became normal and we started to feel like friends. So I asked her one morning (after complimenting her on her lovely doggies),

"And does this sweet little princess not like to get her pretty feet dirty?"

(I said it laughing and smiling, in a sweet tone! I was just making a lighthearted joke ^-^)

And she replied with the sweetest smile (but sad eyes),

"Oh, she is about 100 in people years. She's blind, and her back legs don't work anymore. But, she is otherwise healthy! And she just loves the fresh air."

Yup, I was crying. Misting up now, too. *lol* (And she said I could pet them and I DID, of course. Heh.)

I know my list is chock-full of amazing pet parents, so I just wanted to share this on this gloriously gloomy morning. :)

Hope you're having a beautiful day <3

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