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When he says "rev it up" you have to kiss the sky!

This is the song I begin every workout with (just an hour a day in my living room) and it makes me instantly happy and WANT to actually do the workout!

Every time he says "rev it up" I raise & shake my fingertips at the sky and tilt my head back to stretch my neck--and my CHEST CRACKS almost every time *LOL*. Freaky. ...POP!

And when they all go WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! it gives me happy-chills ('cause I can FEEL their energy) and I dance my heart right out. ^-^

I hope this makes you smile! :D

PS! It's not really a video, just a still image! Look in the side mirror. *LOL*!

Control itttt... Or lose it!!


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