Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Tea (Me!) and Nap (Them) Time

Around noon every single day both cats and both dogs all go to their respective favourite little spots and take a five hour nap. Spoiled little punks. ;)

Leela <3


More -->

Titus loves to burrow and nest...!


Sooki and The Pig


And look at this silly girl--she could sleep anywhere but she jams herself like THIS into the wide-open cage!




(Because: dogs.)

Look! Lazy biotch won't even get up to eat a treat!!


Anyway. *lol*. The weather is weird today--it's 12C, but it feels really chilly. There's a dampness in the air, I guess. I've got the heaters going on out here, if that tells you anything!

I'm really just having a weird day, in general... It's almost always like that for me right after a full moon. -_- (I know it affects several of you in the same way.) Plus all the current changes/restrictions, the cops crawling around everywhere all the time...! It's unnerving. I've never seen such a police presence and I lived 20 mins from the PM's house for...33 years! Wow time flies... Scary.

What's everyone doing for dinner? I'm thinking of making one of those frozen, pre-stuffed turkey breast things. Mashed potatoes. Corn. Maybe carrots. Mmm. (Grabbed a ten-pound bag of potatoes too so I've been looking for ways to eat 'em up. ^-^)

Oh, and it's Humpty Dumpty who makes these!


'cause I know some of you were interested. ;)

'Kay back to housework!! Hope everyone is having a great day. :)


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