Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

We only watched it for the articles...

We had a very special movie planned for last night, so I made the really good popcorn. :>


More --


And the film de résistance...


*LOL*! It was so hilariously bad that we actually ended up loving it!! thespian15 I "blame" you for this--you talking about the train wreck that is Sharknado 5 made me remember we grabbed this for a buck back in the summer and forgot all about it!

*Special note for the (straight) ladies: this is an equal opportunity eye-candy buffet! :> Just as many beautiful, scantily-clad men that AREN'T ~The Hoff~ (*LOL*) running around as hot chicas. ^-^

Pam and Carmen's characters are ADORABLE!! I love them both so much. They made CJ (Pam) so super sweet and lovably naive. ^-^

Obviously just a for-fun movie, not gonna win any awards ;) but it actually WAS fun and I know we'll watch it again in the summer, heh. (It's also GREAT inspiration for me to keep up on my workouts WOW these people all have such incredible abs...!)


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